Google Question Hub Full Detail

Many people want to know what is the Question Hub that Google has created for publisher ? Recently held a Google Question Hub Event at Pullman Hotel in Delhi. Over 400 bloggers and youtubers contributed to it from all over India. In this event, Google has released two new tools which are Question Hub and Navlekha publicly. So today I thought why should you all be provided complete information about this new tool, so that it will help new content creators and bloggers to write good and valuable contents further.

Being  a blogger I have experienced the problem of what content Write so that it is more helpful to the people, no such free tool was available to Hindi bloggers before. But with the introduction of the QHub Tool , it can easily solve the problem of the content. Here today we will provide complete information about this article what is Google QHub. Then without delay let’s start and know what this tool is and how it is going to help a new blogger write good articles. In the end part of this article, I have shared with you some important information about which you may not know, so read the entire article carefully.

What is question hub (What is Question Hub in Hindi)

Google has created Question Hub mainly for Content Writers or Bloggers. Its main purpose is to put the questions in front of the bloggers whose users want to know the answers, but they are right now is not available on the internet . This will make it easier for bloggers to understand what users want to know in the end and hence they will write their article on the same topic. The Question Hub Tool is absolutely free . And any blogger or content creator can use it, but before that they must have a Hindi blog. Otherwise it cannot be of any use to them.

Google has specially made it for bloggers. This is because research by Google has revealed that content in Hindi language is only 0.1% where content in English is about 50%. In such a situation, in a Hindi language country like India, Hindi content is more needed because there are more number of users who read and understand Hindi. At the same time, there are not so many content creators to answer the questions of people, and whoever they are, they are not able to know in which context they have to write the article. Google Question Hub Tool is a very big solution to this problem, in which the bloggers get to know about the most asked questions. So that they can provide better answers to people’s questions.

By the way, this tool is not fully developed yet because many more features can be added to it, which can help bloggers later. Nevertheless, Google facilitated some bloggers early access By taking good and good feedback from them, they have very correctly embedded them in this tool. Many different categories of bloggers were included in these early acess program, which also included (which is our blog). Therefore, both Google and Bloggers have also contributed to develop this tool. Let us know further how this Question Hub works in the end.

How does Question Hub work?

Question Hub’s tool has been made very simple. Its UI (user interface) has also been made very intuitive. In this, bloggers will get information about the users’ questions about which no one has answered before. You must have also felt that when you want to find the answer to a question, then many times you do not get the exact answer to your question, because no content creator has ever written an answer to that question or Despite writing, he has not published it. Google has developed the Question Hub tool to overcome these kinds of problems, which will make it easier for the publishers to answer the questions they know but they did not get these questions.

Now if a user does not get a precise answer to his question in google search, then there is definitely an option of feedback in front of him so that he can paste his question in it. Like a user submits their question by typing in the box of that Google feedback , then these questions are also added to the question hub tool.

By the way, you must be thinking that if users are submitting millions or crores of questions, then all the questions are added to the question hub tool? So the answer is no, because it is not suitable to do this because most of the questions are not complete and are not correct, there are many questions which are similar, so Google has developed some algorithms Which filter the questions of useless. With this, the quality of the questions is also correct and Bloggers do not face any problem in answering them.

Question Hub tool first divides all the questions into different categories like Fashion, Education, Technology, Finance etc. Being such, it makes it easy for niche bloggers to answer the questions of their niche. In this you can also find category wise questions or Keywords Can also search from Together you can add about 5 questions at once. Together you have a quota of 100 questions. And as soon as you submit or reject the questions, your quota also comes back to you.

Feature of Question Hub

By the way, there is not much features in the tool of Question Hub at the moment, anyway, let’s get some more information about them. With this you will be very easy to use them.

1. Questions

Through this feature, you can see all the questions in the question hub. Also, you can also add the topics in which you need questions to answer those questions.

It is also very easy to add a question, in this you have to click on Add Question , by doing this you get two options, one is to search topic wise while the other option is that of keyword Search through You can add questions according to yourself.

Note that only 5 questions can be added at a time. At the same time, you can save questions in your account up to a maximum of 100 questions.

If you want to answer a question then you can click on the answer button on the side of the question and put a link to your article (blog) on ​​it. And you can also submit together.

Whereas if you do not know the answer to the question then you can use the reject button on the side. This removes that question from your account forever.

2. Starred

Through this Starred Option you can starred those questions (or have to click in the star symbol). With this, that question will be added to your starred section and you can answer it whenever you want. Whenever you want, you can answer those questions by going to the starred section.

3. History

Through this option, you can know about all those questions which you have answered or rejected. You can also see the history of all of them together.

4. Topics

In this tool many topics have been well categorized such as Arts Entertainment, Beauty Fitness, Finance, Games, Health or News. You can get questions on many such topics. But for now, you can only choose up to 100 questions. And as soon as you answer or reject the question, your limit will also be recharged.

5. Settings

In this option, there is control to use the tool in your hands. Let us know about the same.

Display Language : In this you can choose your Display Language, such as English, Hindi or any other way.

Question Language : In this, in which language you want to see the questions, you can see them, as well as you can add language to it according to your need. Like English, Hindi.

Delete your activity or account : In this you can do two things, first is Delete your activity and second is Delete your account and activity. If you want to reset your account and activity then you can do this here. But note that this is an irreversible process that cannot be repeated. Once done, he cannot come back anymore.

Export your data : Using this option, you can do all your activity in CSV File . You can also download them and see them and save them later.

6. Send feedback

Through this options, you can easily contact the team of question hub. For example, if you face any problem, you can use this option for help.

7. Question Count

In this, you can see the questions you have added and you can also track their count.