How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Friends, have you also maintained more than one Gmail account? .. And now you are afraid that if your account is hacked, do not panic and delete your Gmail account soon because it can be hacked anytime And Hacker can use it wrongly.

Today you will find detailed information about deleting Gmail Id here.

When You Need To Delete Google Account

There can be many reasons why we need to delete Gmail account.

Even if your Google Account is hacked, you may have to delete your Gmail account.
If you are using more than one Google Account then to close one.
If you have forgotten the password to your Gmail Id.
If your Gmail Id is not in use, delete it.
Many people want to delete the old Gmail Id and also want to know that Purana Gmail Account Kaise Delete Kare and want to create a new Id by deleting the old Id.
There are other reasons that may cause Gmail Id Delete Karna. Whatever the reason is, if you find your Google Account insecure, then you must delete it.

Before Deleting Google Account,  So firstly know what service is deleted by deleting Google Account.

delete gmail services
Google Photos – All the photos saved in Google Photos will be deleted.
Google Drive – All the data saved in Google Drive will be deleted.
Adsense – If you have created an account on Adsense.Com then that too will be deleted.
Google Plus – Google Plus Page and any link shared on it will be deleted.
Classroom – Account created in Google Classroom will also be deleted.
YouTube – All videos you have uploaded on YouTube and YouTube will be deleted.
Blogger – If you have created a blog on the blog spot from this email, then that too will be deleted.
Google Contacts – If you have saved the backup of your phone’s contact, it will also be deleted.
Friends, do you also have to delete Gmail account from your computer.

So know how to delete Gmail account in Computer.

Deleting a Gmail account is as easy as creating a Gmail account. Gmail is a free service of Google, Google Id is used to use all the services of Google.

You can store up to 30 Gb of data on Gmail Id. Here you can store all photos, videos, contacts, and to secure this data, you should use the same Gmail account. So that Security Maintain remains the remaining Gmail Account should be Deactivate.

Follow the steps given below to Deactivate Friends Gmail Id.

Step 1. Sign In

First of all, sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 2. Click The Grid Icon And Select Account

Here you will see Grid Icon, click on it and click on the option of account.

Step 3. Select Data & Personalization

After this, click on the option of Data & Personalization.

Step 4. Download, Delete, Or Make A Plan For Your Data

Now Scroll down on this page. Here you have to click on Delete A Service or Your Account.

Step 5. Choose Delete A Service

After clicking on it, click on the option of Delete A Service.

Step 6. Being Be Prompted To Sign Into Your Account

Now you will be asked to sign in your account, then sign in.

Step 7. Click The Trash Icon Next To Gmail

Now on the next page, some services will appear in front of you. To delete the Gmail account, click on the Trash Icon given in front of it.

Step 8. Enter A Different Email Address

Now there will be a Pop Up Page Open. In this, you have to enter Alternate Email Address.

Step 9. Clic k Send Verification Email

Now you will get the link of Send Verification Email, click on it.

Step 10. Open The Email

Now a message will come on your Alternate Email. Click on the Deletion link that will be in the message.

Step 11. If Prompted, Log Into the Gmail Account You Want To Delete

Here you will be asked to login your deleted Gmail Account. So you select Yes, I Want To Delete in it.

Step 12. Click Delete Gmail Then Click Done

Now click on Delete Gmail and click on Done.

Your Gmail account will be deleted as soon as you follow all these steps. If you want to delete Permamently, then you can also delete your Google Account Permamently.