Tips To improve Alexa Rank & Myths

Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. It ranks around millions of websites based on their popularity, which means that Alexa Rank 1 is the most popular.

Alexa Rank also reveals how a website is performing compared to the rest, which makes it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis.

Alexa rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines the estimated traffic and visitor engagement of a site based on past three months.

Traffic and engagement are estimated by looking at the browsing behavior of people in the global panel, which is a sample for all Internet users.


Since it measures your site position relative to other sites, therefore the rank of your site depends not only on the traffic of that site but also on the changes in the traffic of another website.

This is why your site rank starts decreasing even when there is a lot of traffic in your site.

History of Alexa

Alexa was launched in 1996, a California-based subsidiary of (it was acquired by Amazon in 1999) which was then expert in providing commercial web traffic data. She used to gather with the help of different toolbars and web browser extensions.

Some of Alexa’s most important previous activities are databases that served on a basis that could be used to build a Wayback Machine and now these search facilities have been stopped.

At the same time, his Alexa Rank: This is a metric that ranks websites in order of their popularity or how that website has performed in the last 3 months.

Is it necessary to improve Alexa Rank?

Yes, improving Alexa rank is very important for any blog. If you are a blogger then it is very important that you try to improve the Alexa rank of your site.

This is because it provides better authority, makes a good impression in the minds of advertisers and readers, along with it also helps in increasing your revenue.


Most readers first check the Alexa rank of your blog and if they find it right, then they go and read your content and start following the blog. Some comment only for backlink and which later helps in improving your page rank.

How do Alexa Rank check?

You can go directly to to check Alexa Rank. At the top right side of the page, you will see a search bar.

Here you have to enter your website URL and click Find button. It shows all the data of your blog and also your rank.

You can also check your Alexa rank by using this URL

Here you can use your domain name in place of Hindi Me.

6 such Myths that we believe about Alexa Traffic Rank?

Who can stop the talk of people? They just need things on top of which they can start making things. At the same time, there are many myths (misconception) among people about Alexa Traffic Rank.

Many people believe these myths to be true as well. Alexa’s ranking system was first introduced in 1988. Many myths started to be built around this too, what was more.

So let us now know about some such misconception which can improve the rank.

Myth # 1: Alexa only measures traffic for those people who have installed Alexa Toolbar in their browser.

this is not right ! Alexa’s measurement panel is based on a very large and diverse set of browser extensions and plug-ins. This Alexa Toolbar is one of those browser extensions that contains Alexa data.

While sites where Alexa Certify code itself is installed, Alexa directly measures traffic from there to all visitors of their website, whether they have a browser extension installed or not.

Myth # 2: Alexa only measures Internet marketers and site owners.

It is related to the earlier myth. Which is not correct. Alexa’s traffic panel is based on the millions of people who use more than 25,000 different browser extensions that appeal to a wide audience.

Myth # 3: Claiming my site affects the rank.

Claiming the site does not have any effect on its ranking and together you should not claim your site simply because it is going to make a difference to your site ranking.

By the way Claiming your site (this is a free service) and with this you can keep your site description and contact information up-to-date so that you never miss any potential business opportunities because Alexa gets from about 10 crores per month. Even more people visit.

Myth # 4: Installing Alexa widget improves rank.

No, these Alexa rank widgets will only let you

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