Top 10 Money Earning Apps On Play Store

So in today’s article, we will know about some money-making app , through which you can earn money online, even by using your SmartPhone.

So are you curious about such Google Play Store Apps that you can easily withdraw your Pocket Money by using in your free time.

If you are, then it is not right to make you wait any longer. Then let’s go with me on a journey where I will introduce you to some such Andorid Apps which you can use easily to earn some extra money for yourself. So let’s start without delay and know how to earn money from Android Mobile.

How to make money from Apps 2020

You must be wondering whether Android Apps can really make money. Had it been so, would not all people have been making money from them.

The answer is yes, the biggest problem in this is that people do not know about them. Therefore, they do not know that they too can easily earn money sitting at their home, just by using their Smartphone and Internet.

How to earn money from Jio Phone?

There are many money making apps on the Internet which are available on Android and iOS platform, from which you can easily earn less real money, as well as rewards such as gift cards, free recharges, PayTM cash, etc. There are many genuine ways you can use it to earn money.

Do you want to know how?

Then for this you will have to read this article “ How to earn money online from Andorid Mobile Apps “. Then let’s go ahead.

Fides of Online Money Making Apps

By the way, there are many benefits of these online paise kamane wala apps. Let’s know about them.

Too much potential

You can easily earn money with your minimum effort, no expense in it. You can earn online by not wasting your free / spare time.

Having Flexibility

In this, you do not have to work in any fixed time, which gives you a big advantage. You can do your work from wherever and whenever you want. In this, you get flexibility of time and space.

No investment

To earn money online, there is no need to make any initial investment in it. You can start work without investment.

Very little effort

There is no hard and fast rule so that you can earn money. Rather, there are many such mehzuds that you can earn good money without much effort.

Safe and easy

It is very safe. At the same time, the money transaction is also simple, automatic. You get rewards immediately for your work, while everything is under your control.

How much money can you earn online from Apps?

This is a very common question that people often ask: “How much you can earn online from these Android Mobile Apps?”. The simple answer to this is that it depends on how much ability you have to do any work and in how much time you do it.

Your daily earning depends on how much time you spend in those earning apps. To see an average, then you can easily earn from daily Rs.100 to Rs.200 by working in all money making apps.

While some provide you with real cash, through PayPal , PayTM , others offer you reward like gift cards, mobile recharges etc.

In this, you do not need to buy anything to earn money from these earning apps, especially for this reason they are called free money apps. At the same time, it is a very good source for your secondary income.

Where does this Android Apps fetch money and why?

Now many people must be wondering from where does this Android Apps fetch so much money so that it can give so much money to the users. The answer is that no one works without profit. that true. But it is also true that if you too are able to benefit someone else with your profit, then what is the harm in this? Which these Android Apps do.

So let’s know how these Android Apps make money in the end.

Google Ads

You may get to see many advertisements in these apps. They earn money just from such ads. These advetisement actually consists of Google Admob.

Now the more you click these ads and do the tasks in it, the more these apps will also earn. At the same time, they also get the money for impression, which means that the more traffic, the more impression and the more earnings.

From Promotion and Installation of Apps

Promoting in digital marketing is like a trend. At the same time, it also earns good money.
There are many Android applications that promote other partner companies. In this they get the money for Apps signup and installation. The more installation the more commission and money.

Money Making App 2020

Let’s know about some such mobile apps from where you can easily earn money.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers you the opportunity to complete a variety of activities so that you can earn money. It is available online on the basis of a web app and also has a mobile app “SB Answer – Surveys that Pay” which you can use in your Android phone.

There are also some activities that you can do in your SmartPhone.

    • Surveys
    • Answer questions
    • Playing games
    • Watching videos
    Daily polls

In this, your earning points are called “SB” which you can redeem in 3 to $ 25 – $ 25 gift cards in sites like Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks .

2. U Speak We Pay

There is a very good Android Mobile Application for making online income at home from U Speak We Pay, which is called “U Speak We Pay”. This mobile app provides users with speaking money.

The real name of this application is “U Speak We Pay” and by name you can understand the concept behind it. In this also 2Lakhs are more than registered users and their number is increasing.

This android app is different from others because it is a # 2367; A because this app provides money to its users.

    • First of all you have to download this app from Google Play store and install it in your phone.
    • Then choose your preferred language and click on Record Button.
    • Now this app will display some messages to you and you have to read the sentences that appear in the screen properly.
    On successful completion of this task, you can earn real money in your account.

This money making app pays you to your PayTm Account once you reach the minimum of Rs.25 INR in your account.

At the same time, you can earn money by referring your friends in it.

With such ease you can hardly make money anywhere. At the same time, you have to speak the given sentences with proper pronunciation so that your accuracy score can increase and you can earn good.

3. PhonePe

PhonePe is a very large and safe online money making payment store in India that offers great offers to users.

How will it be if I tell myself that you can fill all your important payments using this trusted application? PhonePe is also much better than internet banking, where the transaction is done very simple and at a faster rate.

Here, you also receive instant offers and refunds, cash back. Apart from this you can get around Rs. Can transact up to 1 lac per day. Which is really quite profitable.

For every successful transaction, you get (PhonePe app), cash back, which you can redeem in online payments such as in filling bill of any online transactions, mobile, and in data recharge.

At the same time you also get some added advantages as it is a free money app.

    • You can do bill splitting in it.
    • Can shop in Flipkart, myntra, jabong, etc.
    • Can make bill payments of gas, electricity, mobile, DTH and Datacard.
    Transaction limits are up to 1lacks per day.

4. mCent

Nowadays, whoever has a smartphone, and they always use them to browse the internet.

Most users are prepaid users and when their data pack is exhausted, they have to recharge it again.

MCent was brought in just to overcome this tension. Here you do not have to worry about your mobile data pack recharge. Because mCent has an improved first built-in browser that gives you the reward of users browsing in it, also on the basis of free data pack.

It is applicable on almost all mobile networks in India. The mCent app offers you some reward every time you use it to browse the internet, even if you read the news in it, do some social media, watch some movies or videos, etc.

    • Download this app and then install it in your phone.
    • In place of Google Chrome or any other browser, you can use this app’s inbuilt browser to earn reward points each time.
    Accumulate points in your account balance and you can buy mobile data pack recharge card from it.

In this browser, you will get all the similar functions like bookmarking, custom home screen, browser tabs, ad-block, smart downloading and incognito browsing which are seen in a common browser. The only difference is that you get paid for browsing.

5. TaskBucks

How can you forget Taskbucks when it comes to the app that makes money. Taskbucks is the best Android application from which online money can be made.

It is most popular for providing free recharge and PayTM cash. This software was created in India, in which it was created primarily to target the Indian people.

You will get to see the most benefits in Taskbucks instead of other android apps.

How to make money with TaskBucks?

    1. By completing tasks and offers
    1. Referral income [Invite and refer your friends]
    Tune in tax daily contest from which you can get treasure.

Why use TaskBucks

    1. To get mobile and data top-up
    1. Paytm cash
    1. Post-paid bill payment
    In its updated version, you find ways to redeem more like MobiKwik money etc.

Here you can recharge your mobile phone from your earnings, or you can also withdraw cash through PayTM (or) MobiKwik Wallet. This is a very smart smart passive way to earn extra revenue, the amount of time you spend with your SmartPhone.

6. Moocash

Moocash is a very good money earning apps that provides you money by completing activities like completing tasks, playing games, trying new free apps, watching videos, etc.

Here, you can earn your income in the form of cash, bitcoin, prepaid top-up recharge voucher etc. This is an app that keeps you fully entertained and also provides entertainment money.

You will not even believe that you can earn good money just by watching small videos. You can earn up here on iTunes, Amazon, Google plays gift card, etc. Then let’s know how you can make money from it.

In this, first you have to go to Google Play Store and signup using your Facebook.

First of all download app, install and register with Facebook. Now you can start making money, let’s know how

    • By playing games
    • Watching Videos
    • Online surveys complete tax
    Try free apps

Here you get many types of rewards from this app. Let us know about them,

    • Free cash (PayPal, Payoneer)
    • Free Bitcoin to your Blockchain wallet
    • Free Shopping Giftcards like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
    • Free Game code and free vouchers
    Free mobile top-up recharges.

You can put Payout request in it only when you reach minimum 3000 (or) 5000 coins in this online money making app.

Cash payments are made via PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc. If you want, you can also redeem it on the basis of Amazon gift voucher.

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Google’s name is hardly anyone who has not heard. But very few people know about his Money Making App “Google Opinion Rewards”.

This app offers you Google Play reward points and not cash, which you can redeem only Google services such as downloading Android Apps, Music, Movies, Books, etc. from Play Store.

Once you installed this app and then signed up, then Google provides you with many surveys to complete. In these surverys you have to give your opinions and reviews about the products, which are later provided to other companies for better understanding.

You get some money in every survey, that too from Rs.3 to Rs30. Its most special thing is that you will trust a brand like Google the most.

8. Squadrun

Do you want to know how online can make a lot of money? Here we will learn about an application squadron which is a work platform and provides a flexible workforce to popular e-commerce businesses like Flipkart, Ola, Snapdeal , etc.

Under its mission, tagging pictures, categorizing products, collecting information about them, and detailing products, matching items, etc., which is similar to a game.

Then how to earn money in it?

Whenever you complete a work in it, you get a Squad coin of that work. You can withdraw these squad coins through PayUmoney or PayTm wallet .

At the same time, with such online money making apps, there is no limit on you to do any task or in how much time, from which you can earn money by doing as much work as you want.

All you have to do is download and install it (which you can use your Facebook account), then enter in it referral link and at the start of the mission you are asked some questions and you can earn money by completing them. .

9. Pact

You must have heard this thing many times that using more SmartPhone can make your body unhealthy. In this case, exercising is the best way to become healthy.

How will you feel when I say that you can earn money by exercising also using your SmartPhone.

If you are interested then there is such an app which is located in the platform of iOS and Android, named Pact. It does not give you any target to achieve it, but you have to set a goal for yourself. This app does its job according to your capacity.

Whereas if you fail to achieve your goal, then you have to pay other users who are achieving their goal. So do not be lazy and earn money.

How to make money in it?

      • First download this app and set your exercise plan.
      You can also make a healthy eating goal for each week.

• Once you have achieved your goal then you can earn money from it.

By using this app, you can complete your food goals and exercise routine. While talking about earning money, then in this average you can earn 30 cents to $ 5 per week by achieving your results. All your activities are monitored via GPS, Photos.

10. Viggle

Like I said earlier that you can earn money watching TV shows and listening to your favorite songs. This type of earning is possible only through the online payment application “Viggle”. Yes, it is absolutely possible.

This app gives you money to do all these tasks, while in this you also get money for giving answers to others.

Here you get gift cards, shopping vouchers, and prizes in Compensation. You can also earn money by watching live streaming from service providers like Netflix, Amazon prime videos, and Hulu.

In this, you just have to download the application from the play store and watch your favorite TV shows. In such a situation, you get points for each activity and in the end they can be redeemed on the basis of reward.

How to Maximize Your Online Earnings?

If you also want to maximize the online earnings earned from your apps, then you have to follow a few things.

Must be used regularly

My advice is that you will have to come to these online money earning apps in hindi every day and check all the new tasks and assignments.

This is because some apps can send you push notifications about other new tasks and offers.

Complete Offers and Tasks Completely

Once you have accepted to do a job with these apps, then you will have to give your full effort so that you can successfully complete the given task.

With such an approach your credibility increase and that you will get to see more tasks with more money in the same app, which will make you earn more money.

How to make money with mobile apps?

I hope you have liked my article Money Making App 2020 . It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about how to make money from mobile apps (Latest Money Making Apps in Hindi), so that there is no need to search them in the context of that article in any other sites or Internet. is.

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